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When words and music vibrate in tune


Projections is an unprecedented artistic symbiosis in which musical creations unite with live acoustic, digital music and original compositions, to combine with a narrative framework presented in multiple literary forms such as poetry, short story, narrative, tale, to which is integrated a multimedia projection of striking visual works. 

Thanks to the financial support of the CALQ, the show Projections, brought together the living forces of music, literature and visual arts, by bringing together in close collaboration with André Moisan (clarinettist and orchestra conductor at the OSM), Ariane Gélinas (renowned up-and-coming author) and Francine Paul (contemporary art historian, respectively literary director and artistic director of the magazine Le Sabord).

Projections brings together creators that are recognized for their artistic qualities and skillfulness. 

With the participation of


  • Marc-André Fortin

  • Ariane Gélinas

  • Michael Pleau

  • Ouanessa Younsi

  • Jean Guy Lachance

  • Maureen Martineau


  • Hélène Lemay

  • Francis Gaulin 

  • Jimmy Lahaie

  • Alexandre Tremblay

  • Anne-Clémence Rouffet

  • André Moisan

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