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Life is Music

A Youth Workshop & Show

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From dusk till dawn, music is everywhere. In one hour, this is what the workshop Life is music teaches us, through the transformation of the most trivial sounds into a fascinating musical experience. During this interactive and dynamic workshop, pupils discover how music surrounds and accompanies us all day long. To hear it, you simply need an attentive mind, open ears, and a bit of imagination.


The exceptional text is inspired from the work of a worldwide known children’s book author, Alain M. Bergeron. The show is hosted and narrated by actor Jean-François Poulin, who is known for his roles in many great musicals, such as Bert in Mary Poppins. Hélène Lemay, the instigator of the project, created the soundtrack in collaboration with guitar player Jimmy Lahaie. Finally, André Moisan, famous clarinetist of the Symphony Orchestra of Montreal (OSM), took charge of staging

the show.


As the show unfolds, live guitar, trombone, clarinet, drums and musical effects are combined to create various styles such as classical, jazz, pop, folk, rock, country, and many more. The audience even gets a chance to discover what the notion of absolute pitch is, as young prodigy Natal Prévost will step on stage and easily identify, live, the notes he will hear.


A resonating horn, or a trombone solo ? A thunder clap, or a drum roll? The young members of the audience are invited to notice that an open mind and imagination can transform anything into music if one takes the time to listen. Who knows how important music will become in the lives of these children who still have so much to hear ?



Helene Lemay

Musical director and trombonist


Natal Prevost



Jean-Francois Poulin

Narrator and actor


Alain Moisan

Director and clarinetist

Jimmy .png

Jimmy Lahaie


photo alain - karine gottot.jpg

Alain M. Bergeron


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