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Founded in 2015 by renowned clarinetist and conductor André Moisan, the InSpirations ensemble presents an original concept and stands out for its unique sound and its interpretations thats combines classical, jazz and world music with contemporary musical techniques.

Its complex musical pattern brings together various music styles and backgrounds, while the five passionate virtuosos are entirely devoted to their art. The originality of the whole InSpirations finds its essence in the subtle assembly of acoustic instruments around the organ, thus offering an infinitely varied palette of colors. 

At the heart of the show Impressions, the organ becomes a unifying and versatile instrument, capable of unusual sound textures in synergy with the interventions of the quartet. The organ's wide variety of sounds provides an ideal canvas for improvisations by saxophones and clarinets, trombone, percussion and bass.

Impressions is the culmination of stylistic research initiated by each of the members of the group who, together, stage original compositions and adaptations of repertoire works .


Witness to an era rich in cultural convergences and artistic interbreeding, the InSpirations ensemble  wants to be an ambassador of musical traditions revisited across the spectrum of modernity.

After winning over audiences and critics in several cities in Canada and the United States , the group continues its momentum with performances on the international scene .



Jean Willy Kunz



Frederic Alarie



Andre Moisan

Clarinets & Saxophones

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Michel Berthiaume



Helene Lemay


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