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Anthem to the poutine

Hélène Lemay has invested herself with pride in this creative project, for which she is the artistic director. The project aim to honor the emblematic dish that is a poutine.


She surrounded herself with artists from the Center of Quebec, in order to make her project a success, thus highlighting the talent of artists from that region. For the creation of the lyrics and the melody, she asked Nicolas Gendron, actor and director. She also brought on board renowned collaborators, Jimmy Lahaie and André Moisan, making this project a great realization. 

The poutine anthem premiered in Warwick on August 3, 2019 as the world's largest poutine (3034 kilos) was prepared, shattering a Guinness World Record. 


Le grain du jour.jpg

With the participation of

  • Nicolas Gendron (lyrics and voice)

  • Sylvie Ouellette (voice)

  • André Moisan (clarinet)

  • Francis Gaulin (drums)

  • Natal Prévost (marimba)

  • Jimmy Lahaie (guitar and music)

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