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Hybrid Musical Creations

A unique alliance of acoustic instruments and digital tools

helene lemay-Credit photo NAG.jpg

In the context of the pandemic, Hélène Lemay realized that the art fields will have to adapt to a new reality, which could become the new normal. She therefore felt the need to renew herself and deepen her musical knowledge of digital tools.

In order to adapt to the situation, she looked for original ways, more in tune with the new reality, to reach as many listeners as possible. Online digital broadcasting technologies are improving greatly and amazingly fast, so that in the short term it will be possible to reach an even larger number of listeners than what could've ever been possible to even imagine a few years ago.

As part of this project, Hélène Lemay wishes to familiarise herself with digital technologies, particularly by combining acoustic, digital and mixed music, along with original compositions and live improvisations. By combining different sound textures, both acoustic and electronic, she aims to express herself musically from a different and innovative angle. 

Instrumentation for this project includes trombone, guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, various percussion, and digital sequences to provide a palette of orchestral colors that best serve musical research.

During the creation, the different types of musical distortion pedals, usually only used for guitarists, will be used in sound processing for Hélène's trombone, but also for the woodwinds (clarinets and saxophone) and percussions. Hélène Lemay also wishes to use different feedback pedals, and other modulation of tones with various effects, which gives her a spectrum of tenfold possibilities. Although they are demanding to master, these technologies give her the opportunity to develop her own personality for artistic creation and to improve her musical expression. 

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